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TLD Price
.COM $14.95
.NET $14.95
.ORG $14.95
.INFO Sale
.BIZ $14.95
.US $14.95
.NAME $14.95
.IN $14.95
.CO.IN $14.95
.NET.IN $14.95
.ORG.IN $14.95
.GEN.IN $14.95
.FIRM.IN $14.95
.IND.IN $14.95
.BZ $24.95
.CC $24.95
.MOBI $24.95
.TV $34.95
.MN $49.95

Accurate domain name lookups are essential. When a search says a domain name is available - it should be available. Misleading information can result in lost names, business disruption, disputes, and more. It affects name registration services, web hosting companies, web site owners and Internet users.

How do you get accurate domain name search results? In this changing system of increased domain name registrar competition, the best way to get an accurate domain report is to:

  1. lookup the domain in the shared domain registry
  2. locate which Domain Registrar has reserved the name
  3. visit and query that Registrar's database for the correct information

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You may want to try Sitesurfer's Domain Name Suggestion Tool to help guide your decision making when choosing a new domain. Give it a try - you're going to like it!


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